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An Inventory of Potions (Part Two)

An Inventory of Potions (Part Two)

May 28th 2018

[Bottle with the mer creature, top right]
I found this one in a dungeon expedition. We were clearing the place for a lord... or a baron... or maybe just some rich fellow who thought too highly of himself. But I stumbled upon a side room that could only be accessed from a tiny passage I found behind two loose bricks. Only I could fit, it was almost like it was meant for me.

The haul wasn't great, just a fancy box that contained this bottle. I don't know how the little creature inside has survived this long, but it is very hissy, and rather mean.

[Jar on the bottom right]

This one was too expensive to buy, but it was pretty. Merchant said it contained dragon mucus. Very potent.

[Long necked bottle on the bottom left]

I found this one empty in the gutter. It deserved better, with its graceful neck and big, voluptuous bowl. I brewed for it a poison of nightshade berries, with overripe peaches to taste. Even a poisoning should be a pleasant experience, I think.

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