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An Inventory of Potions (Part One)

An Inventory of Potions (Part One)

May 21st 2018

Every town has a market, and every market has an alchemist. As a form of research, I purchase any unique potions I can lay my hands upon.

Needless to say, the glorified merchants rarely know much about the wares they sell, and mislabel them frequently. In order to catalogue them correctly, I must taste their contents and observe their effects. This is quite dangerous, and must be done with care.

[The phallic vial on the top]

The vial's shape is rather unpleasantly suggestive. The contents taste of overripe raspberries, A dab of the fluid on my tongue burned at first. I woke up hours later, and Orc was blushing and would not say why.

[The spherical bottle on the bottom right]

Tastes of blue. I went blind for a week. Remarkably, that is exactly what the merchant had claimed.

[The squarish bottle on the bottom left]

When applied to skin, it increases the rate at which hair grows considerably. Very useful for those days when Orc's antics result in my eyebrows being singed off.

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