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We're both big fans of a budding genre called "LitRPG". Being a young genre, it's primarily driven by self-published authors, and there's a pretty wide spread of gems and duds. On occasion, instead of a regular Gnome's Journal entry, we'll write a brief review of some of our favourite LitRPG titles. These will focus on those we've liked (as we don't want to go badmouthing anyone who's just getting started), and those that are available in audiobook format.

Here you'll find an explanation of what LitRPG is, and a list of all our reviews.

Every now and then, Uncomfortable will record/stream while he works on one of the coloured pages of the comic. You can catch the stream live on Twitch or whenever he gets around to uploading it on YouTube.

Nothing makes us happier than writing and drawing Orc and Gnome's awkward escapades through their weird fantasy world - so much so that we'd like to spend more and more of our time doing it. Like most web comics, we're working towards that goal with Patreon.

To start with, we know the majority of people use ad blockers. Well, for those who don't, anyone who logs into this site (the little floating button on the top right of the header) with Patreon will be able to browse ad-free, for free. No pledge necessary. Of course we'd love it if you did throw us some change each month, but that's entirely up to you. We just figure that getting you to login with Patreon, or even to have a free Patreon account would be a good first step to knocking down that barrier. We're schemers!

For those who are interested in getting more though, we're currently offering perks including:

  • PDFs of completed chapters!
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  • Wallpaper-resolution versions of the full colour pages
  • Full versions of two-page spreads

If the campaign ever gets big enough, we'd like to explore physical rewards too. We'd love to be able to send you guys loot bags with enamel pins, post-card prints and maybe even little figurines.

Irshad's exercise-based fundamental drawing lessons have helped thousands of people over the last few years, and are available completely free at drawabox.com. It's a fully structured course that starts at the absolute basics and works up through learning how to convey the illusion of solid form, and to break down complex objects into simpler components and reconstruct them on solid paper with a strong grasp of how they sit in 3D space.

It tackles drawing from an analytical standpoint that stresses the importance of practice, tenacity and the educational value of failure over fairy-tales like talent.

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