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An Inventory of Potions (Part Eight)

An Inventory of Potions (Part Eight)

October 5th 2018

[Top left]

Pickled Mana Faeries. A surprisingly tasty treat, if you can handle their tendency to squirm and complain. On top of that, just one full faerie will expand the size of your mana pool for a full day. They're really only a step away from being mana moths anyway.

[Top right]

The Pomegranate Grenade - throw it at an enemy and it will erupt in a flurry of bubbles and sparkles. Carrying a heavily fruity scent, it's sure to distract and harry them while you make your mistake [escape, but we decided to leave the typo]. Extremely useful - I used to have several of these, but they've been disappearing. I think Orc has been using them for her baths... I mean, she always comes out smelling suspiciously good.

[Bottom right]

Recently Orc joined a party that had a temporary opening, and left me to spend the day drinking with Mr. Turtle. When she got back, she planted this in front of me, with a big grin plastered across her face. She proudly declared that as her share of the loot, she claimed this "golden bear." She was sure it would make me happy, and that we'd be able to sell it for a fortune.

I don't have the heart to tell her that it's just a fancy bottle of mediocre honey.

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