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An Inventory of Potions (Part Five)

An Inventory of Potions (Part Five)

July 9th 2018

[Top right]

Today we start with a simple mana potion. The weird thing about these is the kind of bugs it tends to attract. It doesn't matter how well sealed the bottle is, these annoying little blue "mana moths" can always smell it out. Very irritating.

[Bottom right, definitely not sriracha]

A celebrated condiment only found in the Temp Guild Hall, Tender's Chicken Sauce can add a kick to any meal. It's made from a secret recipe and bottled in house with its distinctive green stopper.

Strangely enough, the sauce is neither made using chicken, nor intended to be used on chicken. We're not really sure what chickens have to do with it. Perhaps Tender employs them to make the sauce? Will continue to investigate.

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