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An Inventory of Potions (Part Four)

An Inventory of Potions (Part Four)

June 25th 2018

[Top left]

This potion's pretty spooky, and not easy to find. I'm not yet sure of which ingredients are used in it, but I'm sure they're equally rare.

This potion is a poison of sorts - consuming some unspecified amount will put you in a state so close to death that clerics and healers will not be able to tell, and the undead themselves will not be able to distinguish you from their own ranks.

The correct dose will wear off in two sunrises, but be careful not to overdose. Though it does come with a generous refund policy, collecting can be difficult.

[Bottom right]

This one's great - and not just for the utterly unnecessary and expensive ornament on the top. Which won't come off. I've tried. Must be some kind of unicorn-based glue.

Anyway, this option is for those of you with a picky palate, or anyone who needs to attend a banquet catered by their mother in law. It is well known that mother in laws are incapable of cooking well.

One drop of this concoction will make anything that touches your tongue taste like your absolute favourite food.

Truly! I didn't believe it at first - and then I nearly chipped my teeth trying to eat rocks off the ground. Fantastic!

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