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An Inventory of Potions (Part Three)

An Inventory of Potions (Part Three)

June 11th 2018

[Heart-shaped bottle, top left]

Orc is weirdly lucky. One day she was trundling through a stream, splashing about like a child (as she does), and she came across this lovely (and nearly full) greater health potion. While many young and inexperienced imbeciles [crossed out] adventurers will assume these to be commonplace, they're not by any stretch. You can find some basic potions to mend your scrapes and disinfect cuts in most markets, but those elven-made knockoffs won't do anything for a broken bone, or a proper stab wound.

This bottle on its own has enough elixir to bring my idiot back from the brink at least half a dozen times. Maybe more!

[Yellow-green potion, bottom left]

I was excited when I stumbled upon this one, thinking it a potent poison. Turns out it was a basic, but effective, mosquito repellant.

Considering the size of mosquitos in some of the places we visit, it wasn't an entirely disappointing purchase.

[Pink, triangular bottle, bottom right]

On top of the cork being stuck so tightly that I could only test its contents by licking at the fluid that pooled underneath from the bottle's many cracks, it turned out this potion puts the subject in an unnaturally good mood for hours. Truly horrendous.

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